Mission Statement

Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

Youth Intensive Services is a nonprofit corporation established under the laws of the Ohio Secretary of State. Our mission is to help those in our care lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Youth Intensive Services vision and goals include:

  • Respecting and responding to the unique needs and concerns of youth and families of at-risk and/or youth and individuals suffering from addiction and mental and emotional disturbance.
  • Striving to provide essential accessible substance abuse treatment, support, education, rehabilitation, and referral services to the residents of Mahoning County and surrounding communities.
  • Providing quality services and programs in a professional, confidential manner that meets the needs of our consumers and the community at large.
  • Maintaining a team of competent health care professionals and support staff committed to serving in a responsible, sensitive and effective manner.
  • Cooperating with human service providers, businesses, government, and other organizations to enrich the lives of those suffering from addiction.
  • Commitment to act in accordance with all state and federal laws in a non-discriminating manner.

Our Mission

  • Respecting your needs
  • Providing
    • Treatment
    • Support
    • Education
    • Rehabilitation
    • Referral services
  • Professional
  • Confidential
  • Competent
  • Cooperation
  • Commitment