Youngstown McGuffey Elementary School

Collaborative Effort

The McGuffey Afterschool Program is a collaborative effort between…

  • Youngstown City School District
  • Youngstown Afterschool Alliance
  • Youth Intensive Services


The McGuffey Afterschool Program Staff will consist of the following positions:

  • Program Director
  • Program Manager
  • Teachers
  • Tutors
  • Activity Leaders

The 12 Principles of Re-Education

This building wide behavioral health support is based on Nicholas Hobbs’ Re-Education philosophy and the 12 Principle of Re-Education.

This is a unique opportunity for children to participate in a positive behavior support model.

The use of these principles has been proven to encourage positive change.

  1. Life is to be lived now.
  2. Trust between child and adult is essential.
  3. Competence makes a difference.
  4. Time is an ally.
  5. Self-control can be taught.
  6. The cognitive competence of children and adolescents can be considerably enhanced.
  7. Feelings should be nurtured and shared.
  8. The group is very important to young people.
  9. Ceremony and ritual give order, stability, and confidence.
  10. The body is the armature of the self.
  11. Communities are important for children and students.
  12. In growing up, a child should know some joy in each day.

Program Eligibility

  • Students in Kindergarten through 4th grade at McGuffey Elementary

Staff/Student Ratio

In order to uphold high quality programming, a ratio of one adult to 18 students will be maintained.


  • Provide opportunities for Reading and Language Arts
  • Provide opportunities for Mathematics enrichment activities
  • Provide Youth Development activities
  • Provide opportunities for Parent and Family Involvement
  • Increase academic performance
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Foster and cultivate relationships
  • Build upon strengths
  • Reduce disciplinary problems
  • Integrate the family into the educational process
  • Improve coping strategies
  • Promote positive school experiences

Youth Intensive Services (YIS) has been providing quality behavioral health services since 2009 in Trumbull and Mahoning Counties. The practice consists of Licensed Clinical Master’s level therapists and mental health workers.

YIS services Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana counties.

YIS has multiple contracts and grants with educational institutions, industry, social service agencies, Medicaid, rehabilitation bureaus, youth detention centers, and state agencies.

Services include Hi-Fidelity Wraparound, Community Based Respite, Home Choice, Rehabilitative Services, Mental Health Services, AoD Services, Vocational, and Residential Services (AoD & MH).



The academic content areas of Math and Reading classes help to prepare our youth for the state and district tests. The students will be provided with extra homework assistance in these areas with certified teachers and experiences tutors.

Youth Development

There will be enrichment programs that build self-esteem, knowledge, and character. They also balance the educational and socialization aspects of our youth.

Service Learning

Students will participate and complete at least two service learning projects a year.

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is highly encouraged and welcomed with any of the components of the afterschool program.

Token Economy

Students earn points for their positive behaviors and they can use the points to exchange for a fun reward. Buying will occur one time per week.

Family Night

Family Night is held one time per month to engage the students and their family in understanding and supporting their child’s success within the McGuffey Afterschool Program.

Field Trips

Students in the McGuffey Afterschool Program will have the opportunity to participate in one field trip per month.

McGuffey Elementary
310 S Schenley Ave
Youngstown, Ohio 44509
(330) 744-7999

~ In Collaboration with ~

Youngstown Afterschool Alliance
20 W. Wood St
Youngstown, Ohio 44503
(330) 742-2211

Youth Intensive Services
238 S. Meridian Road
Youngstown, OH 44509
(330) 318-3436