HomeChoice Services

Ohio HOME Choice

  • HOME Choice is a wrap around program to Ohio’s existing infrastructure of long term services and support
  • It is not a waiver program
  • The program offers “extra” services to individuals for the first 365 days post discharge

Who is Eligible?

  • Have lived in a facility-based (NF, ICF-IID, Hospital or RTF for children) care setting for a least 90 days,
  • Have care needs evaluated by HOME Choice staff,
  • Qualify for Medicaid, and
  • Move into qualified housing

Independent living skills training: developing or increasing skills, knowledge or abilities needed to live more independently.

Community support coaching: is a service provided for the purpose of guiding, educating and empowering the HOME choice demonstration program participant, authorized representative and family members before, during and after the HOME choice demonstration program participant’s transition from an institution into the community.

Social work/counseling services: promote the participant’s physical, social and emotional well-being. Social work/counseling services promote the development and maintenance of a stable and supportive environment.

Respite services: are services provided on a short-term basis to a HOME choice demonstration program participant who is not enrolled on a HCBS waiver, and who is unable to care for himself or herself, and because of the absence of, or the temporary or periodic relief for, the primary caregiver.

Respite services include all of the necessary care that the primary caregiver would normally provide during that period. Respite services may be provided in an in-home, out-of-home or day camp setting in accordance with the participant’s non-waiver HOME choice demonstration program service plan.


  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Community Support Coaching
  • Social Work and Counseling Services
  • Respite Services