Our Staff

Our Staff



Desirae Thompson

Chief Operating Officer

“We strive to provide and maintain a very family-oriented agency that is innovative with our service delivery.”

At a glance

  • Started with Youth Intensive Services in June 2009
  • Education: Master’s degree in community counseling from Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Youngstown State University
  • Certifications: certified Ohio behavior analyst, board certified behavior analyst, chemical dependency counselor, licensed behavioral specialist, licensed professional clinical counselor supervisor

Desirae oversees the day-to-day operations of the entire agency.

Why my work matters

As an agency, we understand that one service doesn’t fit all. We go above and beyond to meet the needs of our families, providing individualized treatment.


Miquita Hosey

Medical Director

“One of the most rewarding aspects of working with children is saving our own future.”

At a glance

  • Started at Youth Intensive Services in 2016
  • Education: Doctor of Medical Science from Lincoln Memorial University; Master’s degree in health science from Cleveland State University; Bachelor’s degree in allied health from Youngstown State University
  • Certification: Physician Assistant

Miquita’s role as medical director is to assess the medication needs of our clients and safely prescribe based on an individual’s needs.

Why my work matters

I believe YIS is in touch with the needs of our community, honest with our clients and provides proven results.


Karen Kocis

Program Director

“One of the most rewarding things about working with children is watching them grow and develop the skills they need to be successful in life.”



At a glance

  • Started at Youth Intensive Services in 2014
  • Education: Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Western Kentucky University
  • Certification: licensed behavior specialist

Karen’s day-to-day responsibilities revolve around maintaining and growing our school-based programs, including staffing, oversight, data collection and analysis, training, and interfacing with school administrators.

Why my work matters

“I believe that our innovative and creative approaches, along with adaptability, truly separate us and allows us to have the best interests of the child in mind.”


Megan Bennett

Residential Administrative Manager

“One of the most rewarding things about working at YIS is every time you meet with a child in any capacity, you are making a difference in their lives.”


At a glance

  • Started at Youth Intensive Services in January 2016
  • Education: Pursuing Bachelor’s degree in social work from Youngstown State University; Associate’s degree in health and human services from Kent State University

Megan’s responsibilities include supervising day-to-day operations of the administrative department and staff members, along with developing, reviewing and improving administrative systems, policies and procedures.

Why my work matters

“Every day, you’re impacting a child’s life. It could just be as simple as a smile or a difficult conversation during a session. Youth Intensive Services is dedicated to helping the family as a whole.”

Angelina Calderon Cuevas

Angelina Calderon Cuevas

District Lead, River Gate High School

“I wear many hats daily, but what I love most is knowing that in this world full of chaos, innocence still exists.”



At a glance

  • Started at Youth Intensive Services January 2013
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree from Youngstown State University
  • Certifications: Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, first aid, CPR

As a district lead, Angelina acts as a liaison with the school district and its families, ensuring the implementation of our company’s mission and high standards of professionalism. She supervises a team and promotes the growth and well-being of our clients based upon custom-generated treatment plans.

Why my work matters

“I find working with children to be rewarding because I don’t just have an impact on them, they impact my life daily as well! I’m able to celebrate the little things every single day and see how much they grow and find themselves through this process.”


Corey Strozier

Vocational Rehabilitation Program Manager

“One of the most rewarding things about working with children is having the opportunity to provide clients and families with positive male role-models, which are often missing in the youths’ lives.”


At a glance

  • Started at Youth Intensive Services in September 2014
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in sociology from Youngstown State University

In his role, Cory supervises the day-to-day operations, as well as the staff of four YIS programs. His daily focus is on program development, program implementation, service delivery and client/consumer/staff satisfaction.

Why my work matters

“I believe Youth Intensive Services genuinely cares about our clients, consumers and families we work with. We focus on the quality of services versus the quantity of services across our programs. As an agency, we realize the importance and significance of forming and building relationships in regard to providing services.

“Youth Intensive Services prides itself in the courteous, caring and professional manner in which its employees conduct themselves and interact with consumers and stakeholders throughout the community.”

Michele Reynolds

Residential Group Living Manager

Lynndy Sharisky

Lynnda Sharisky

District Lead, Hubbard Exempted Village Schools

“Having the ability to watch as they grow emotionally and mentally towards no longer requiring services is amazing.”


At a glance

  • Started at Youth Intensive Services in October 2014
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a minor in psychology from Youngstown State University

I have been employed at Youth Intensive Services since October 2014 and currently serve as the district lead at Hubbard Exempted Village Schools. I also was a behavior intervention specialist at Hubbard prior to my current role.

I attended Youngstown State University where I majored in elementary education, with a minor in psychology. 

My primary responsibilities include one-on-one interventions with clients, receiving referrals from the school and following up with intakes, scheduling assessments, etc.

Why my work matters

I thoroughly enjoy watching the growth that our clients make.

Josh Comm

Josh Comm

District Lead, Mineral Ridge and Springfield Local Schools

“I get to see our children grow as people each day and help guide them into making better life decisions that will lead to a bright future.”

At a glance

  • Started at Youth Intensive Services in 2015
  • Education: Master’s degree in psychology of counseling from Ohio University; Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Kent State University
  • Certifications: Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant

In his role as a district lead, Josh helps coordinate mental health services within the school environment, working with schools, parents and fellow staff members to make sure each student receives the best treatment possible.

Why my work matters

“Youth Intensive Services is revolutionizing the mental health field by providing school-based therapeutic services, use of telemedicine technology and vocational services to a wide array of clientele.”


Andre Elliott

Public Relations Manager

“What’s most rewarding about working with families is watching them achieve various benchmarks along the journey.”

At a glance

  • Started at Youth Intensive Services in April 2019
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree from Youngstown State University

As public relations manager, Andre’s day-to-day responsibilities include planning, developing and implementing all of Youth Intensive Services’ marketing strategies, marketing communications and public relations activities.

Why my work matters

“Setting both short- and long-term goals with families and taking the necessary steps to reach those is not always an easy task. However, we have a fortunate opportunity here at Youth Intensive Services to assist families in reaching those goals on a daily basis.

Youth Intensive Services is an organization that places the needs of each individual and family above all else. I personally admire this individualized approach because it ensures families that their needs are taken seriously and are specific to what’s necessary in order to achieve long-lasting results.”

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