Providing youth an outlet. And caregivers a break.

Every child needs an outlet. Whether it’s for social interaction to building and improving relationships outside the home. Or for physical and recreational activity with their peers. Or being part of a team. Our collective mental and physical health depends on it.

As parents and caregivers, when our children are safely and constructively playing or involved in an activity outside the home, we too can benefit. We can rest easy knowing they’re in a good place. And we can relax and recharge a bit, ourselves.

That’s what our Respite services are about. It’s a one-on-one therapeutic intervention with youth. And it’s structured to give the caretaker a break.

Football. Basketball. Library.

Our counselors work with individual clients by linking them to social-recreational activities, getting them to interact with other children their age. We connect them with activities in the community that fit their interests. For some it’s signing them up for a football or basketball team. For others it’s the YMCA. Or the local library.

Let’s get them out in the community to be part of something meaningful. Something that will help them grow, learn something new, meet new friends, explore an interest.

For more information on Respite, contact Youth Intensive Services at 330-318-3436.