About Us

About Us

About Youth Intensive Services

We care because these children deserve better.

It takes a special human being to dedicate their professional career to helping troubled children. It also takes a special human being to see the potential in every one of us; especially those who don’t see it in themselves.

DeWayne Thompson opened Youth Intensive Services in 2009 because he knew there was a better way to reach young people in need of mental health services. He wasn’t satisfied with the status quo and he set out to change it … for the better.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help those in our care lead healthy and fulfilling lives by responding to the unique needs of families of at-risk youth and individuals suffering from addiction and mental and emotional disturbance.

An organization evolving with the needs of its clients

The organization started modestly with a few services for area youth, but quickly expanded as opportunities – and the company’s strong reputation – grew. Thompson set out to find more people in the social services field who shared his vision, his passion and his drive, so that his company could grow and serve more and more children. And then young adults.

Today Youth Intensive Services is getting permanent office space in local school buildings to treat children conveniently and confidentially. They’re seeing patients in their Youngstown office and in their families’ homes. They’re conservatively prescribing medications when needed. They’re doing family counseling, group counseling, sibling counseling.

They’re offering respite, or mentoring, services to kids who need an adult role model in their life. They’re managing residential homes for teenage boys and girls who are almost out of options in their lives – and they’re turning these young people’s lives around. For the better.

They’re offering vocational services for disabled adults who are seeking some independence in their lives.

They’re fielding referrals as a proven-effective partner of dozens of county and state agencies within 100 miles of their Youngstown, Ohio campus.

When we stop giving kids responsibilities, we’re asking them to be irresponsible

Why do they do it and how do they do it so well? Why do they care so much for young people who’ve experienced a difficult circumstance or made a grievous mistake?

It all comes back to their people. Each and every one of them sees something bigger than themselves in their work. And the children and adults who seek their services are the beneficiaries. As are their parents and siblings.

Contact Youth Intensive Services and see for yourselves what makes them special.

For more information on Youth Intensive Services, call us at 330.318.3436.