Case Management

Case Management

Case Management

Youth Intensive Services case managers act as the single-point-of-contact in your child’s care, linking them to the many services they need and are available to them.

We recognize that every child is different and requires individualized care. We also recognize it’s often difficult to navigate the various services a child uses. Our case managers coordinate your child’s care and help identify gaps and needs that aren’t quite being met.

Hands-on care from our hearts

Some children need help improving social skills. Others struggle in school and need work on handling frustration when they’re having difficulty with an assignment. Some need help in the home and we get involved helping the parents build structure with rules, consequences and reward systems.

In short, our case managers care about each child and offer assistance that’s hands-on and specific to each child’s situation.

How do we start with a case manager?

Every case starts with an intake and assessment. There, we talk about what services are available and we make recommendations.

If applicable, we’ll assign a case manager, counselor or medication management consultation. If we start working with the child and recognize additional needs we’ll link them to applicable other services.

For more information on Case Management, contact Youth Intensive Services at 330-318-3436.