Medication Management

Medication Management

A well-rounded treatment plan sometimes includes medication

Treating mental health disorders sometimes involves prescribing medications, and we employ a full-time, in-house medical director to make this process most efficient. We strive to see clients in our office within a week of being referred to avoid medication management being a long, drawn-out process.

Our comprehensive medical department treats children and adults age 4 and older by assessing the client’s need for medication, if at all, and then prescribing based on the diagnosis and need.

Youth Intensive Services’ medication management clinic complements its in-house mental and behavioral health services by allowing all clinicians involved in a patient’s care to develop a well-rounded, thorough treatment plan.

Incorporating technology and medicine 

Dr. Miquita Hosey, PA, our medical director, uses Genomind to determine what medications would work best based on the unique genetic makeup of the client. Treating mental health disorders can be a long, frustrating process while the patient and medical provider determine what medications and at what doses work best.

That’s where Genomind comes in. Using the Genomind DNA test report, generated from a one-time mouth swab, a medical provider can personalize your treatment plan, finding the right medication faster and avoiding medicines that may cause side effects. Youth Intensive Services prescribes based on the results of that test.

Another technology – Let’s Talk Interactive – is used to offer online, telemedicine services. Lets’ Talk is secure and HIPAA-compliant and is only used after an initial face-to-face visit. Let’s Talk is similar to a FaceTime-like software that allows a patient to be seen by their provider remotely, removing transportation barriers, weather issues and work conflicts, and preventing interruptions in services.

Prescribing from a mother’s perspective

Dr. Hosey views every case with an open mind and does not push medication on children where it’s not medically necessary. “I prescribe from a mother’s background first,” she says. “For me, I don’t believe in having kids ‘zombied’ and I don’t put medical or chemical restraints on children.”

Youth Intensive Services believes in giving patients exactly what they need, no more and no less. “Start low and go slow” and allow us to find the optimum dose.

Summer medication holidays

Dr. Hosey offers “Summer Holidays” for children, meaning if they’re on ADHD medication and they’re not in summer school or any structured educational environment we take them off their medication.

Many parents love the idea of summer holidays, allowing children to be free and just be themselves without any chemicals in their system. Most of the medications prescribed are for school-related purposes to begin with, so if they’re in their home environment they may not be necessary. It’s the parents’ choice.

In early August we’ll start easing them back into the prescribed medications to get them used to it again before school starts back up.

For more information on Medication Management, contact Youth Intensive Services at 330.318.3436.