Vocational Rehab

Vocational Rehab

Competitive, Integrated Job Placement

Disabled and looking for a job? A real job? One in a workplace that treats you with the respect you deserve? The pay that you earn for an honest day’s work?

We believe in you, and we can help you get there. At Youth Intensive Services, our full-inclusion Vocational Rehabilitation service assists men and women ages 16 and older who have physical and/or intellectual disabilities gain and maintain competitive, integrated employment.

Competitive employment

At least minimum wage pay scale.

Integrated employment

Even though you have a disability you’re doing the same jobs and tasks in the workplace as anyone else.

Our Vocational Rehabilitation program includes:

  • Intake
  • Vocational testing
  • Vocational consultation
  • Career exploration
  • Community based assessment
  • Job development
  • Job seeking skills
  • Job coaching
  • Job retention

How does it work? Where do I start?

We’re an approved service provider for Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD), the state agency responsible for providing services to Ohioans with disabilities to help them achieve quality employment, independence and Social Security determination outcomes.

Once approved by OOD, you choose a service provider to work with you one-on-one to land a job, and we encourage you to choose Youth Intensive Services.

In our program, we assign each client a job coach who individually works with you from start to finish.

  • Resume writing
  • Mock interviews
  • Role playing
  • Proper attire
  • Job application assistance

Career options and industries

We assess and develop soft skills and aim to get clients as job-ready as possible. And because Youth Intensive Services is linked to 25+ different employers in the Mahoning Valley, we’re highly successful with job placements in a variety of industries:

  • Animal caretaker
  • Auto body
  • Food services
  • Hospitality
  • Janitorial
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Retail

What do you want to be?

We match clients with their interests as identified on their Individualized Plan of Employment (IPE). After securing an interview and getting hired, the client’s job coach visits the jobsite for occasional check-ins to observe and ensure they’re completing their tasks up to the supervisor’s expectations.

We continue following up with both client and supervisor for the first 90 days of sustained employment. Our goal and your goal are the same – let’s GET you employed and KEEP you employed. Our success is your success.

What does success look like?

One of our most popular vocational interests is food service. We have one particular establishment that we work with regularly. In this establishment there’s a multitude of different positions that involve different tasks within a restaurant. Most commonly, our client is hired for a specific position and stays in that position.

That wasn’t the case for one of our prize pupils. He was an eager and quick learner, and actually learned every position they had to offer. There was nothing that he couldn’t do. He was a dishwasher. A cook. He swept the floors. He hosted. He ran the cash register. He wanted the training, and he took the training. And within 6 months he was promoted to manager!

For more information on our Vocational Rehabilitation services, contact us at 330-318-3436.